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Do Senior Citizens Need to Exercise?

Do Senior Citizens Need to Exercise?

Many people raise the question, "Do senior voters got to exercise?

“One of the greatest causes of atrophy to the muscles of senior Citizens is insufficient activity needed to stimulate adequate blood flow to vital organs.

Reasons for an Exercise Program:

Left to the uncommunicativeness of a senior lifestyle may result in illness, lack of muscle tone, and promote a depressing, nonproductive lifestyle.
I speak from expertise as I watched my mother refuse to try to her needed exercises once her knee replacement surgery.

Do Senior Citizens Need to Exercise?, Senior Citizens
Do Senior Citizens Need to Exercise
She chose instead to sit in her chair and watch TV the greater part of the day and evening. Because of her inactivity, I watched as she became a prisoner in her own body.
This had a good result on not solely her physical activity however additionally her mental condition.


A sensible, regular exercise program that is planned around a person's capacity and needs will help them feel better, live longer and gain independence.

A senior is not someone who is going to engage in a marathon. In planning a healthy, stimulating program start by planning a routine that will provide enough exercise that will generate adequate blood flow to all of the vital organs.

 You will want to maintain the hard-earned muscles employing cardiovascular exercises, weight training, and stretching routines. Consider using resistance bands.
The primary goal is to reach a balance of activity providing just enough exercise to accomplish the goals of maintaining muscle mass, adequate blood flow and a feeling of well-being.

If the regimen is extremely strenuous it can cause an adverse effect on the overall condition of a senior. It is imperative that you check a senior's physical and verbal response.

Pay special close attention for adverse signs such as excessive sweating, difficulty in breathing, imbalance, droopy eyelids and evidence of mild to severe pain. It these elements occur the activity should be stopped immediately.
A senior citizen's exercise program should be based on their individual needs. If a group regime is put into action there could be the risk of overtraining.

 In addition, it will be easier to follow the progress of a person if they are following a specific set of exercises that have been developed with only their needs in mind.

One person may be able to do more repetitions and a more vigorous exercise than another person. For this reason, a program that has been commenced with senior citizens should be fully documented and a logbook maintained noting the details of every workout.
As a Senior Citizens develops more strength and flexibility their exercise program can be changed. The program should be flexible, keeping in mind that the routines and movements can be increased or decreased on a weekly basis depending on the physical condition of the person.

Execution Procedures:

If you are a family member, or friend caring for the senior citizens, it is recommended that you seek the opinion of a professional to help you develop the exercise plan.

They will be able to assist you in selecting a program with the proper intensity and type of exercises that will be beneficial to the patient. In addition to an exercise plan,

it is also suggested you engage the services of dietitians, physical therapist, and a nutritionist. These trained professionals will be able to monitor whether the program is too strenuous or acceptable.
When you commence a program it is suggested that you ask a professional to be present and assist in demonstrating the various moves.

An exercise that is executed improperly can cause severe injury to a patient. To achieve the required results you want to be certain that exercises are performed properly.

 Professionals should also be scheduled to check in various times during the program to evaluate the senior's response to the treatment.

Senior Citizens

Research Recommendations:

It is important for the person who is going to be initiating the exercise program do their due diligence and research what is available to help them make the right decisions in achieving the goals for physical help to the senior citizens.

 Below are a few suggestions for developing the best program possible:

· Check on the availability of exercise DVD's that cater specifically to senior citizens
· Watch exercise videos online
· Check forums online for the expertise of others regarding this subject
· Visit a senior citizen center to view their typical routine
· Be open to listen to and learn from instructors and experts

In Conclusion:

As you and the patient continue in the exercise the program you will develop the ability to understand what exercises and amount of intensity works best to achieve the desired results.

 It is also important to remember that in addition to the proper exercise regimen, your senior needs the right amount of rest and diet program to create a total healthy lifestyle.

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