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Senior Citizen Discounts at Luxury Hotels

Senior Citizen Discounts at Luxury Hotels

As people reach the age of 60, they think that they have already experienced a lot in life. They had been through the ups, downs, and zigzags of everyday living.

There were enough smiles given away and tears cried out. Old people choose to stay laid back and stop wanting, desiring and wishing for more in life.

But it should not always be the case There are things in life that are still good to experience regardless of age or status. There are still unanswered wanting that remain within us but would not want to submit to.

Senior Citizen Discounts at Luxury Hotels, Senior Citizen Discounts
Senior Citizen Discounts at Luxury Hotels

One of these desires is to feel pampered and be treated like a queen or a king. At old age, grandparents sometimes feel that their children and grandchildren are way too busy with the individual businesses that they tend to devote lesser time for them.

To rekindle family ties and spoil the seniors, a family bonding and relaxation trip to a luxury hotel would be a great idea.

Spending a night in a luxurious five-star hotel like the Ritz Hotel, Dorchester Hotel or Marriott Hotel may seem impossible because of it requires a lot of cash out to make it happen.
But with nice discounts, this dream is not that far to fulfill.

Luxury hotels, ranging from five to seven-star hotels, in London offers a special discount for senior citizens. The best deals, discounts, and promo rates are always available on the official websites of the hotels.

 This information is also readily accessible in the tourism websites of London.

Discounted rates do not equate with fewer privileges or services. The best deals are offered to senior citizens without sacrificing quality and efficiency of service.

Some of the special treats included in these deals are 24-hour room service, health club facility and free internet services.

Luxury hotels also have their own restaurants, where grandparents can eat a luscious dinner with the family; cafes, where they can just relax while reading their favorite book and drinking tea; and bars, just in case they feel like reminiscing their teen years.

Luxury hotels like Millennium building Mayfair, Renaissance Chancery Court Hotel and the Radisson Edwardian Hampshire Hotel understand the importance of creating a family-like environment for senior citizens.

Staff and workers endure intensive coaching in guest relations to alter them to affect their guests during a manner that may create they feel that they're not far from their own homes.

Since luxury hotels are usually located in the city center, senior citizens can take part in varied activities like the city tour where they can visit and take pictures of prominent British

landmarks like the House of Parliament, the Tower of London, the Buckingham Palace, the Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, and the London Eye.

With great discounts and special treatments prepared for senior citizens, who can say that luxurious relaxation trips are impossible? Nothing is too late for old age: if there's a will, there's definitely a way.

Should Mobile Car Washes And On-Site Auto Detailing Companies Give Senior Citizen Discounts?

The other day, I was talking to a mobile detailing entrepreneur in the state of Florida. He has been doing business an awfully long time, but he also noted that unemployment in the state just hit 8.8%.

 It wasn't like this in the past where he could go to any office building and all the workers were flush with cash and paid him for an executive $20 wash, and a $125.00 detail every other month.

Today, he is busy trying to find any customer he can, and he asked me a very interesting question.

He told me that many of the customers in the retirement resort gated communities were asking him for a senior citizen discount. I told him that would be rather tough because almost everyone in those facilities, living between the fairways and the golf courses was a senior citizen.

You might as well just lower the price and give it to everyone, or raise the price and let everyone get the discount, either way, the concept of a senior citizen discount in Florida is rather silly.

Further, retired folks like to talk a lot, and they have nothing better to do but sit there and watch you detail the car, this could actually, slow you down, and then they want to tell you all about their grandchildren,

like you have time, you need to get to the next car to make some more money so you can afford to put gas in your mobile detailing rig because even that is up to four dollars a gallon now.

Of course, the seniors do like to get a discount or least feel they are getting a discount, so maybe it is time that you rearranged the prices on your menu flyer, perhaps raising them 10 or 15%, and then giving the senior citizens a 20% discount.

Senior Citizen Discounts
Senior Citizen Discounts

Another issue that you may not have considered is that the baby boomers are retiring in record numbers, and they're all hitting age 55 or 60.

It might even be possible now to tell people that if they are only 65; "hell you are still young, you could probably wash and detail your own car, so I can't give you the discount,

I only give the senior citizen discounts to people 90 years old or older." They might get a laugh about that, but maybe you can set your senior discount age at 70 or 75.

 If you are in the state of Florida like my acquaintance, you'll still have plenty of customers take you up on the offer.

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