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Senior Living Magazines as Gift Ideas

Senior Living Magazines as Gift Ideas

A Senior Living  magazine subscription can make a unique and thoughtful gift idea for many occasions and many different types of people.

Advantages of Senior Living Magazine Gift Ideas 

There are many advantages when considering giving a Senior Living magazine subscription as a gift. It's economical, especially when compared with other types of gifts. You can get a full year of many magazines between $10 or $20. 

A Senior Living magazine is unique as it is a gift that keeps on giving throughout the year. Also, the content is updated and new each week or month. 

You are giving 12 gifts instead of just 1. Your gift the recipient will think of you every time they get their next issue.

Suggestions for Senior Living Magazine Gift Ideas 

Here are some tips on selecting magazine gifts that will please just about anyone.

For Couch Potatoes

Couch potatoes and TV addicts will be happy with a subscription to TV Guide, Entertainment Weekly or HDTV Magazine.

For sports fans Magazine Gift Ideas 

Any sports the fan will be happy with a gift of Sports Illustrated, the #1 sports magazine in the world. Or choose ESPN Magazine, Field & Stream, Runner's World, Golf Digest, Nascar Scene, ATV Sport, Bicycling, Climbing, Drag Racer, MMA Worldwide, MotorSport, Pro Football Weekly, Sporting News, Tennis or Windsurfing.

 Whatever sport someone is into, there is probably a magazine for it.

For Teens Magazine Gift Ideas 

Teens will enjoy getting J-14, Seventeen, Nickelodeon, M, Teen Vogue, Dance Magazine, GO or Discovery Girls.

For Kids Magazine Gift Ideas 

Any child will enjoy getting National Geographic Kids, Sports Illustrated Kids, American Girl, BabyBug, FamilyFun, Children's Digest, Chirp, Cricket, Disney and Me, Dogs for Kids, Jack and Jill, Highlights, Kid's Discover, ZooBooks or Preschool Playroom.

Along with sports and news magazines, some surefire hits for men are Maxim, GQ, Men's Health, Esquire, Details, Flex, KING, Muscle & Fitness, Street Trucks or Truck Trend.

For Foodies Magazine Gift Ideas 

There's a big variety of magazines that have to do with food, including many that are dedicated only to food and recipes and others that heavily feature food articles and recipes. 

Good gifts for foodies and anyone who enjoys cooking include Cooking Light, Bon Appetit, Cook's Illustrated, Cookbook Digest, Dine Magazine, EatingWell, Everyday Food, Food & Wine, Gourmet, La Cucina Italiana, Taste of Home and Vegetarian Times. 

For wine lovers, consider Wine Spectator, Wine Enthusiast or Wine & Spirits. Diabetics don't need to be left out either, with Diabetic Living and Diabetic Cooking.

For Seniors Magazine Gift Ideas 

For your Grandma, Grandpa or senior neighbor or friend, consider Reminisce. Reminisce is a magazine that features stories and photos from the 1920s to the 1950s, which would be a fun walk down memory lane for many seniors.

Women won't be upset if they get Cosmopolitan, Women's Health, Elle, Glamour, InStyle, Harpers Bazaar, Lucky, Marie Claire, Ladies Home Journal, O (Oprah's Magazine), Pink, Self, Shape, Vanity Fair, Woman's Day, W or Vogue

Get Some Senior Magazines for Your Aging Parents - Help Keep Them Out of the Hospital or Nursing Home

Senior magazines usually rely upon the reminiscences of their readers for a few of their material.
Human nature being what it's, we have a tendency to all get pleasure from reading regarding alternative people's adventures, lives, stories from the center.

That's why newspapers refer to them as "human interest" stories.

One an example is an article in a recent issue of a monthly publication of seniors the club, in which the brave life sacrifice of an unknown watchman in post-WWII Germany is recalled by a then- 4-year-old war survivor.
There are unit magazines for older seniors that target the days once their readers were younger...

- using stories from the memories of seniors,
- Homespun tales,
- Favorite old-time poems and
- Real photos from the era.
Some reminiscing magazines contain much footage from earlier days.
They have photos starting from those taken throughout military service in WWII to category yearbook photos from the Thirties on the up and even strange trying gizmos from earlier days
Whose owners want to know more about their quirky antiques.
You can {read regarding examine} those reminiscences and hear those who your own oldsters might want to inform you about additionally.
This is a significant and pleasant means you'll be able to bond together with your oldsters whereas learning regarding their reminiscences of their past.
You can get alternative magazines with slick and colorful footage that talk to the center of the senior gardener or nature-lover.

Their focus is on flora, fauna, and fowl. Do you want to keep Mom entertained with close-ups of hummingbirds she can actually see? There is where you will find them. Do you say your dad is toying with an idea for the garden he just can't picture? You're sure to find an idea or two in these types of publications.
The many States in the country showcase breathtaking photos of their...
- nature,
- landscapes and
- quaint old structures
in magazines specific to their states. They often include stories of unique individuals who live in various regions of their state and glimpses into local history statewide.
Still, alternative senior magazines embody news touching seniors having to try to to with...

- Governmental agencies and insurance companies,
- Financial and healthcare news, and
- Advice columns.
This is a well-liked kind at which will be found in a large-print form which appeals wide to our aging oldsters and their friends.

There are even monthly and bi-monthly online magazines for those older seniors who know how to surf the internet.
Most of their topics embody senior rights problems, travel, news, health, entertainment, and finance.
Some Senior Living magazines may be available as audiobooks for the vision-impaired.
You can talk to the native social services agency of the community wherever your mater or pa lives.
Some provide reading services for the blind.

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