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How to Find Affordable Senior Housing

How to Find Affordable Senior Housing

A few years ago Miranda M. lost her husband.

After a brief time, her grandchild (her solely obtainable relative) persuaded her to maneuver across many states to be nearer to him.

Affordable Senior Housing He located a nice retirement affordable apartment where meals, housekeeping, and transportation are provided. By using her small Social Security income, and funds left by her loving husband, Miranda was just able to afford her rent and basic living expenses.

She didn't much like taking all her meals in the community dining room, so she continued to fix some of them in her own kitchen.

Affordable Senior Housing
Affordable Senior Housing

She reluctantly accepted the help of housekeeping for heavy cleaning.  If I can't make my own bed and dust around I feel like a useless slug. I intend to keep doing for myself just as long as I can get up out of this chair."

But for one unforeseen disaster, Miranda and I never would have met, and she would have happily lived on in her sunny apartment.

You see, disaster struck because Miranda lived too long.

Both she and her grandson had counted on Miranda dying before her 85th birthday. It made perfect sense, they thought, as her family was not generally long-lived.

Her sister and brothers had all passed away at relatively young ages, as had her parents. Miranda figured she would be long gone before her money ran out.

There was only enough left to cover two more months in the retirement apartment when Miranda's grandson called me.
What was she to do?
Her monthly income of under $900 wasn't enough to pay for rent, utilities, food, and her medications in the least expensive apartment he could find. He asked me to find her a place in a Medicaid nursing home.

Well, Miranda certainly wasn't nursing home material.

There was nothing wrong with her mind. She could fix her own meals, and she could keep up her apartment (with a little muscle help). She really had no medical needs, and wouldn't have qualified for Medicaid and nursing home care even if she had wanted to.

Which she certainly didn't.

Her only the real problem was lack of money (and a grandson who wasn't any better at planning ahead than she was).

After talking with her doctor and the manager of her apartment to confirm that she really was capable, I set out to try to find a "Section 202" apartment.

Section 202 housing - named once the section of the federal legislation authorizing it - is rental  Affordable senior housing specifically for individuals over the age of sixty-two WHO have incomes beneath 50 percent of the area median income.
According to HUD, the U.S. Department of Affordable senior Housing and Urban Development, the average Section 202 resident is a woman in her 70s with an annual income of less than $10,000.
Section 202 residences square measure engineered and pass by non-public, non-profit groups who have received loan incentives from HUD.

HUD is not involved in the day to day operations.

Rents square measure calculated in step with financial gain and rental assistance funds pay whatever balance remains.

Luckily for them, Miranda and her grandson live in a large metropolitan area. There are always more options in a larger town.

 But somewhere between 20 and 25 percent of Section 202 funds have been set aside for use in non- metropolitan areas, so these apartments aren't only found in big cities.

Hunting for a Section 202 apartment can be labor-intensive. When an apartment becomes available it rarely stays empty long. Often there are lengthy waiting lists.

The first piece of business was to telephone every apartment complex on Section 202 list (see below for the web address to get a list). I verified that they were still participating in the program, and asked whether they had any vacancies.

Frankly, I didn't expect a "yes" to the vacancy question, but it never hurts to ask.

Lo and behold, and miraculously for Miranda, there actually was a vacancy in an older building near downtown.

 Because it's not in the pretty suburbs it isn't as popular as some of the others. For our purposes, it was a palace and a kingdom all in one. Beggars couldn't be choosers!

If there hadn't been a vacancy, Miranda and her grandson would have had to visit each apartment complex and place her name on every waiting list.

 Sometimes the wait can be as long as 2 years or more, so I don't advocate waiting as long as Miranda did.

Along with her application form, Miranda was required to give the apartment manager proof of her income (a Social Security statement or a pay stub). She was asked about previous landlords who could vouch to her suitability as a tenant.
She was asked to provide copies of her pharmacy bills, as those expenses are taken into account when the rent is calculated.

This specific Affordable senior housing manager additionally needed a press release from her doctor that she was really freelance.

If she had planned on visiting multiple places, Miranda would have taken along several photocopies of all her information so she could leave it everywhere she applied.
This is where having someone to come along is invaluable. The job can be overwhelming and exhausting for an older person.

 10 Most Affordable Senior Homes with a Mountain View

Knowing what kind of weather and scenery you want by your affordable senior housing is easy. Finding it at a price that is acceptable to your retirement income? Not as easy.

Here, we put together a list of the top 10 most affordable senior homes with a mountain view based on research from multiple areas!

 affordable Seniorhomes by the ocean are abundant and usually come in the form of a resort. However,

if you're more the independent time or just prefer the mountains to the beach, finding the ideal Affordable senior home might be challenging on a senior budget.

This top 10 list was decided upon by many factors. Soaking up the charm of a remote the mountain town is priceless, but other important retirement-friendly factors like medical care,

transportation and affordable living were all thrown into the mix when sharing with you the top affordable senior homes in the mountains. Other than affordability, we looked at are the following:

* Access to skiing, trails, wildlife, and other senior activities
* affordable Senior home sale price
* Proximity to airports
* Proximity to medical care/senior benefits
* Public transportation
* Senior discounts

 Affordable Senior Homes
 Affordable Senior Homes 

With these requirements in mind, after searching high and low (no mountain/valley pun intended) here is the list of the top 10 most affordable senior homes with a mountain view for your best place to retire:

1. Blacksburg, Virginia
2. Bend, Oregon
3. Boone, North Carolina
4. Bozeman, Montana
5. Burlington, Vermont
6. Colorado Springs, Colorado
7. Fayetteville, Arkansas
8. Post-Falls, Idaho
9. Redding, California
10. Salt Lake City, Utah.

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