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Benefits of Senior Assisted Living

Benefits of Senior Assisted Living

In everyday life, everybody tends to get old at one point or another that is if you live for long enough.
 As everyone knows, age has its disadvantage the most notable ones becoming failing health and incapacitated physical movement. 
As such, elderly people require a lot of proper care and around the clock monitoring, this is where Senior assisted living comes in.
Senior assisted living generally involves the provision of personal care services to an elderly person by professional staff in assisted living facilities.
These facilities offer help or supervising for the aging adults once performing arts day to day activities and additionally treatment.
 Senior Assisted Living
Benefits of Senior Assisted Living

There are lots of primary advantages of elderly assisted living, such as:


Security can be considered among the most notable benefits associated with assisted living for elderly people. A majority of elderly people are frail and have slightly impaired physique function such as poor vision and loss of hearing. 

This makes the performance of daily tasks such as bathing and walking very difficult and they stand a high risk of getting injured when doing these responsibilities.

In senior assisted living facilities, trained staffs are usually available to assist the elderly perform these tasks.

 These facilities also contain special support structures that the elderly use when doing day to day activities to avoid falling and other related injuries. 

Some of these structures include furniture with padded sides and support railings that are usually designed into corridors and bathrooms.


As we grow older, we're sure to lose one or more of our friends. Senior citizens tend to lack company since the only people they can connect with our family members and individuals within their age group. 

Most members of the family tend to be busy throughout the day making the elderly person lack companionship most of the time.

Assisted living facilities usually pile up senior voters at intervals a similar age group.

New friendships can be struck up between members and the members can enjoy social activities such as board games with each other.


The diet of an elderly citizen greatly differs from what healthy young individual. Senior persons usually require a strict dietary plan to replenish certain nutrients inside their body and also strengthen their health.

Providing such a diet will be quite cumbersome in an exceedingly domestic atmosphere since the traditional family diet greatly differs from this sort of diet.

Senior living facilities have special diets specifically designed to meet the nutritional requirements of aging seniors.

Health Care 

Generally, almost all assisted living facilities have professionally trained medical employees on hand in case of any emergency situation. 

The medical employees also offer regular checkups for the elderly and give personalized recommendations for every senior citizen.


Exercising is extremely important when it comes to the normal functioning of the body. 

Elderly people are not cut out for the normal regular exercise routines and usually perform the light specialized exercise to improved blood circulation and keep healthy. 

Senior assisted living facilities have appropriate amenities and qualified employees for this type of exercises.

In view of the above-explained factors, the employment of senior motor-assisted living facilities is extremely suggested.

 Senior Assisted Living - More Affordable and Enjoyable Than Expected

Glenworth, a global financial services provider of long-term care insurance recently came out with its 2013 Cost of Care Survey for assisted living and skilled nursing care.

Senior Housing News broke down some of the findings of the survey, chief among them that "the cost of care among facility-based providers has increased over the last five years."

Just how much will seniors pay? According to the survey's findings, the national average for this type of care was $41,400. Compare that to the nationwide average of $83,950 for nursing home care and the price looks like a bargain.

The cost, however, can vary widely depending on the region of the country in which one lives. Alaska, for instance, topped the Glenworth list at $72,000 whereas the same type of care in Missouri costs just $27,450.

Ohio landed somewhere in the middle with a median annual assisted living rate of $47,040 figure represents a 6% five-year annual growth rate. As might be expected, nursing home rates in Ohio were significantly higher at $82,125 per year for a private room. But that amount equated to only a 3% five-year annual growth.

But how does one decide between senior assisted living and a nursing home? Senior assisted living typically affords residents much more independence than a nursing home does,

so the elderly and their loved ones should have a serious discussion about needs versus cost before opting for the more expensive option.

Once the decision is made, the "New York Times" The New Old Age blog offers advice for "How to Live (Well) in Assisted Living." Those individuals who still have their doubts about taking the leap should consider this:

One resident cited in the article "sees assisted living as a place to feel alive." That's a far cry from the 'place to go to die' mentality many harbors over such senior care.

Senior Assisted Living
Senior Assisted Living Affordable and Enjoyable 

When asked "about the emotional experiences" of seniors in assisted centers, this proponent of the care model enthused, "The people here adore me and me them." He went on to declare that it is pretty close to perfect.

 That assertion certainly makes assisted living sound more like home than a prison sentence.

This the source also has the unfortunate circumstance of living in near-constant pain. While medication can only do so much to alleviate the discomfort, something else helps. "Sometimes just a hand on someone's shoulder is all it takes... Sometimes, just sitting with someone.

Trying to make people more comfortable." Fortunately, he finds those sources of comfort in his chosen senior assisted living center.

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  1. Most members of the family tend to be busy throughout the day making the elderly person lack companionship most of the time.
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